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Our "Why"... Why we do what we do!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

The mission at Nex-Generation is to educate northwest and north central Kansas students about local career opportunities, by providing and supporting programs in career development, entrepreneurship, and internship. Through these efforts, we hope to foster a positive sense of community and encourage youth to remain or return home to prosper.

We want to help our youth maximize all available opportunities in northwest and north central Kansas and help them discover a career they love, while living where they love.

No one should have to leave to achieve. For too long, young people have been taught that they have to leave their rural community to be successful.

While, certainly, there may be circumstances in which it is best for people to leave their rural community in order to accomplish their goals, the idea that the “only” way to be successful, do the work you love, or make the money that you want to make requires you to leave our area in Kansas is incorrect! Nex-Gen is working on changing this rhetoric that young people have heard for decades!

One of our priorities is to work at changing this perception and becoming that catalyst in the culture shift. We want to invite youth to come home. We want them to explore all the different pathways that would allow them to stay home or return home if they want to live in their hometown or in the region. Our communities need young people, young families, and young professionals now more than ever!

We started Nex-Generation so that we could try to make a positive impact on rural communities throughout the northwest and north central Kansas area. We certainly saw a need for all the programs we offer, but didn’t realize the impact and the desire of our programs and how they are really changing young people’s lives!

From the impact we are having on the 5th and 6th grade students participating in Young AmeriTowne of Kansas to the high school and college age students participating in our Internship Program, to the hundreds of high school students who attend our Career Fair & Expo – we are showing them all the opportunities available to them right here in their own backyard!

We are a very young organization (est. 2013) and have a lot of room for growth. We are excited about all the opportunities and programs we are able to provide to our youth. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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