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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

May 1, 2019

Young AmeriTowne of Kansas Parent Newsletter 2018/2019 School Year 235 S Chapman, Lenora, KS 67645

Young AmeriTowne of Kansas, located at 235 S. Chapman, in Lenora, Kansas, is a hands‐on lesson in free enterprise that provides students the opportunity to run their own, life‐like Towne. During a four‐to‐six‐week curriculum taught at school, students apply and interview for jobs, elect a mayor and judge, create laws, open a bank account, and meet in business groups to set prices and create an advertising campaign.

Studies culminate in a four‐hour day at Young AmeriTowne of Kansas, where students physically apply concepts they’ve learned, as they step into roles as Towne citizens. Each student is both a producer and consumer, working to provide products and services to the Towne and enjoying those same products and services while on breaks. Students budget time and money, balance checkbooks, run shops, and practice philanthropy.

After the Towne experience, students evaluate the success of their day back at school. Each business group receives a bank statement, indicating whether the shop ended with a positive balance. Each student receives a personal bank statement, which they compare to their check register and reconcile to their bank account.

To help expand upon the learning experience, we encourage you to engage with your child by asking the following questions:  How can you save up for items you’d like to buy, and how long will it take you to purchase them?  What types of careers interest you? What background or education do you think you will need for those careers?  Do you think it is important to budget your money? Why?  How do you feel your business did today? Is there anything you would do differently next time?

Parent Volunteer Opportunities: On the day your school attends Towne, we need 10 volunteers, one for each of the 10 shops. Volunteers must arrive 30 minutes early, before the students arrive, to learn about the Young AmeriTowne program and their volunteer roles. Prior to attending, volunteers may also watch a short webinar. To volunteer, please contact your child’s school teacher.

Young AmeriTowne® of Kansas in the Northwest Kansas area is being administered by Nex‐Generation Round Up for Youth, Inc., under a license from Young Americans Center for Financial Education in Denver, CO. "Young AmeriTowne" and "Young Americans Center for Financial Education" are registered trademarks of Young Americans Center for Financial Education, Denver, CO, and the Young AmeriTowne logo is a trademark of Young Americans Center for Financial Education, Denver, CO.

For more information, please contact Executive Director Jacque Beckman at 877‐567‐7872 or email

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