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Join us in partnering for youth!


Sign up today to become a one-time or annual donor:  You can make an impact on area youth by partnering with us in support of Student Internships, Young AmeriTowne of Kansas, and more!  Partner Tiers range from Premiere ($50,000 and above) to Participant ($499 or less). 


Round Up Your Nex-Tech Bill:  As one of our sponsoring partners, Nex-Tech allows its customers to round up their monthly bills in support of Nex-Generation.  Please contact Nex-Tech at 877-625-7872 for more details or complete the Opt In form at the bottom of our Sponsorship page.

Donations may be made payable to: Nex-Generation Round Up For Youth, Inc., P.O. Box 158, Lenora, KS  67645, or electronically by credit card or PayPal. Click the donate button to make an impact!

Adopt -A- Shop

Young AmeriTowne of Kansas is a permanent facility that features a life-like Towne of 10 businesses (shops). While in AmeriTowne, students-turned-citizens experience a career for a day, manage their personal finances, and participate in a free-enterprise economy.  Students see the direct impact their actions and decisions have on themselves, their businesses, and their overall community.                                                        


Your Adopt-A-Shop sponsorship of $1,500 per year provides all the materials and supplies needed for one shop to function and be successfully stocked.

Adopt-A-Shop Sponsorship

$1,500 per year/per shop


Choose one or more Young AmeriTowne of Kansas shops to sponsor: 


  • Bank

  • Towne Hall

  • Snack Shop

  • Container Shop

  • Sign & Print Shop

  • Energy Resources

  • TV Station

  • Newspaper

  • Medical Services

  • Radio Station

Adopt -A- School

Help send your school through the Young AmeriTowne of Kansas program!


An Adopt-A-School Sponsorship helps cover the expenses for your local school to participate in the Young AmeriTowne of Kansas curriculum and "Day at Towne" experience!  Fees are $40 per student, which covers the curriculum, student workbooks/materials, and Day at Towne.

You can help today!

Nex-Tech Customer Opt-In/Opt-Out

Would you like to round up your Nex-Tech bill to support the Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth Program?


Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth, Inc., is a charitable, non-profit organization designed to fund, promote, and support educational projects, career development, and community programs focused on youth.  

Our vision is to be the premier youth engagement organization, working with all youth and partners to advance and sustain rural economies, taking students from the classroom to a career.



Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth, Inc.

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