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Learn Budgeting & LIFE$KILLSin a fun, hands-on way!

Join Nex-Gen in our newest program!

LIFE$KILLS is a one-day workshop geared towards high school juniors and seniors!


This program engages students in a hands-on learning environment at our Young AmeriTowne of Kansas site in Lenora, KS, and helps prepare them to be financially-fit for the future.



Students are assigned a role (position, salary, dependents) and use a monthly budget sheet to evaluate income vs. expenses, and needs vs. wants as they pay for daycare, groceries, student loans, and utilities. Just when they think they have enough left over for a new pair of shoes, they might spin the "Life Happen$" wheel and spend more to replace a tire or cover an unexpected medical bill.


Students are given a presentation on the importance of being a part of their local communities. The information shared helps students get an idea of what they can do to be actively involved in their community.


Using real-world scenarios and data helps this program be as realistic as possible for the students. Making decisions and adjusting their life as needed helps students open their eyes to the adult world.

Contact us to enroll your students today! 
Fees: $25 per student

Jacque Beckman, Executive Director

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