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Samantha Robben, Intern at The Elephant, restaurant in Hoxie, KS

I received an e-mail from my guidance counselor about this internship opportunity and I figured since I want to major in marketing in college, this would be a great experience for me. During my internship this summer, I gained a lot of experience in public relations, marketing strategies, media management, event planning, digital communications and graphic design. I also was able to develop my skills in creativity, communication, detail orientation, grammar and proofreading, interviewing skills, public speaking skills and strategic thinking. This was a great way to spend my summer gaining hands-on experience. I was able to learn more about a restaurant’s daily routine, made connections with others and confirmed my college major. Thank you to Emily and staff at the Elephant and to Nex-Gen for this amazing opportunity!


High school and college students are matched with local businesses throughout northwest and north central Kansas for both work study opportunities during the school year and paid, summer internships.


Students gain professional skills and broaden their perspectives on career options. Local businesses benefit by networking with youth, bringing fresh ideas to the workplace, and “interviewing” students for potential future jobs – all of which contribute to youth retention to our small, rural communities.


This is a great opportunity for students and businesses, alike.

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Carolina Barraza, intern at Possibilities, coffee and flower shop in Jewell County, KS


During my internship, I was able to improve my customer service skills. While I am experienced with it, it’s always a new learning experience when you are put into a new town where you don’t know very many people. I was glad to meet some new people and create more customer connections. Since Possibilities in addition to a coffee shop is also a flower shop, I learned how to take flower orders along with also getting some experience on what it goes into creating a flower arrangement. I learned how to use Photoshop and InDesign when creating ads and the brochure we are working on. 

After working at a small business it gave me such a different perspective on the job and career I want to pursue. When I first started, I wanted to major in International business. If I were to go into that, I would most likely be traveling and working for a big corporation. I now desire to be a part of the change and growth of a small community and to continue to help them thrive. Due to that, I would much rather have my own business than work for someone else. I now want to stay in my community, help make jobs, and continue to help the amazing community I grew up in. I want it to thrive and to still be there for others to come back.


Possibilities has really impacted my future decisions, and I am glad that Nex-Generation was created as it has given so many students a greater opportunity to succeed in their future jobs. It also helps a lot to make a decision for future career plans. Thank you Nex-Gen for this amazing program I could be a part of and thank you Possibilities for allowing me to be a part of your team and the new adventure we are embarking on. The name of the store is really fitting because it really opened a multitude of doors and new possibilities!

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Student Application Deadline:  March 1, 2023
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