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AmeriTowne in action!


Nex-Generation has partnered with the Young Americans Center for Financial Education in Denver, CO, to bring Young AmeriTowne® of Kansas to Northwest and North Central Kansas.


Young AmeriTowne® of Kansas is a four-to-six-weeks, financial literacy and career development curriculum designed for 4th - 8th grades (adaptable for high school, too) that teaches basic economics, banking, money management, government, communications, entrepreneurship*, philanthropy, and employment.


*NEW entrepreneurship lesson that you'll love!


The culmination of the classroom experience is a field trip to Young AmeriTowne® of Kansas in the former Lenora High School building, in Lenora, KS, where students-turned-citizens fill real-world roles as mayor, judge, police officers, mail carriers, managers, accountants, key employees, and volunteer fire fighters.


Students spend their “paycheck” at all 10 shops (Bank, Towne Hall, Snack Shop, Container Shop, NEW Digital Media Agency, Energy Resources, NEW Nex-Great Idea Entrepreneurship Shop, TV Station, YATK Radio, and Medical Center), as well as donate to local charities.

Teachers evaluate student success through accomplishment of classroom exercises, involvement in Towne, and completion of shop books and individual bank accounts.

Now more affordable than ever!


  • ONLY $25/Student within Nex-Generation's 28 county region.

  • $40/student outside Nex-Generation's region.

Financial assistance within the region may be available. Please contact us for further information.

Minimum:  25 Students

Maximum: 80 Students

Enroll NOW for SPRING 2024



Complete and return the "School Enrollment Form,"

or call or email us today:

Sabre Riggins, Youth Programs/AmeriTowne Assistant



Jacque Beckman, Executive Director



Young AmeriTowne® of Kansas


Nex-Gen Installs Elevator

Young AmeriTowne of Kansas has a new elevator, providing greater accessibility for all students, teachers, volunteers, guests, and staff! We are thankful for Vertical Mobility of Kansas LLC of Ellsworth for completing the installation in November 2022.


A huge thanks to our generous donors:

  • Hansen Foundation

  • Friends of Cottonwood Ranch

  • Norton County Community Foundation

  • Midwest Energy

Young AmeriTowne® of Kansas in the Northwest Kansas area is being administered by Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth, Inc., under a license from Young Americans Center for Financial Education in Denver, CO.  "Young AmeriTowne" and "Young Americans Center for Financial Education" are registered trademarks of Young Americans Center for Financial Education, Denver, CO, and the Young AmeriTowne logo is a trademark of Young Americans Center for Financial Education, Denver, CO.

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