To help educate our youth about starting their own business, we offer our own, entrepreneurial curriculum.

"Nex-Great Idea" Entrepreneurship Program

Our "Nex-Great Idea" business plan workshop helps students identify what it means to be an entrepreneur. They will work individually or in small groups to create a "product" or "service" and decide how and where they would market their business. Throughout the workshop, they are given step-by-step instruction and and learn the entire structure of a business plan: 

  • Cover Page

  • Executive Summary

  • Description of Business

  • Marketing Plan

  • Operations/Suppliers/Materials

  • Management

  • Financial Plan/Budget

  • Use of Technology to Maximize Your Biz


Practical lessons students will learn:      

  • Independent Activities and Teamwork

  • Ideation

  • Marketing

  • Basic Budgeting

  • Two-Minute Elevator Pitch

  • Professionalism

  • Inventory

  • Community Engagement


This is a great workshop to integrate into your school's Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge and E-fair events. We collaborate with NetWork Kansas and offer our assistance in judging or assisting schools in preparing for these events. In addition, we offer interviewing workshops to help students prepare for trade show and elevator pitch interviews.

Workshop duration is one to two hours.

If interested in offering this to your students, please contact us

Students from Pike Valley schools in Scandia, Kansas